Home from Home

The cats featured on this page are being re-homed by their owners from their own homes. These cats are not under cats protection care but we are trying to help the owners rehome their cats.  Please contact our homing officer on 01905 425704 for further details



Alfie is the tabby. He is a very curious and intelligent cat, treats and cat food must be kept well hidden or he will find them and help himself! He loves to go outside and play, or to fall asleep on the sofa. He's a very friendly and loving cat but takes a little time to trust people... He's a real cheeky chappie and you'll always know he's there as he tends to announce his arrival. 


Sebastian in white and black. He gets on well with Alfie (as can be seen in the picture). Sebastian loves attention and cuddles but doesn't tend to ask for them. He will sit on your knee all evening if you pick him up and put him there, and he loves playing with people. He's a very independent cat, he won't over eat and he likes to spend a lot of time patrolling his territory. He is the boss, but because he and Alfie are friends he doesn't boss Alfie around... just foreign cats!


Bobby is a sensitive boy who would prefer a quiet home with no children and soneone who is able to spend time with him to help bring him out of himself. Bobby does go out but only as far as the garden. He is 8 years old and neutered



Sugar is a 15 year old female cat which has been neutered. Her owner is rehoming her due to the fact that she has to work long hours and feels Sugar would benefit from having someone at home more.
Her owner says Sugar is mostly an indoor cat who is friendly, loves a good fuss and to rest by your side.
If you would like to offer Sugar a home then contact our adoption officer on 01905 425 704


Topsy is a 14 year old female cat who is sadly having to be given up due to her current owner having health problems.
Topsy was originally a stray but is described as very friendly and she has many sweet quirky ways. She does also suffer from stiffness in one of her legs in the winter.
If you wish to know more about adopting this cat directly from her current owner please ring our homing officer on 01905 425704. Thank you